About the iterative process of working

In this post, I will go deep into the iterative cycle I do when working. This one of the fundamentals of the ‘Bungalow Doctrine’ insisted in 2012.

The core of this doctrine is the periodic cycle of energy through four different activity in different classes. The classes are following:

  • Class A: Activities that is the primary occupation, costs qi, and is the primary focus.
  • Class M: Digging music
  • Class B: Interesting activities that entertain, but also writing a blog.
  • Class C: Housing Activities (cleaning, dishing, washing)
  • Class D: Physical Activity, aqua jogging, gives a very huge amount of qi and powerfully reverses entropy, but requires a big qi effort in order to gain, and isn’t available at all time.

The cycle is that when you hit an obstacle in Class A activity is running so long it needs, but often it stalls (problem, waiting for something etc) and qi runs out, and entropy increases (frustration), the activity is put in ‘whiling’ state, and I switch to M, but also either B or C activity. I might send submission for help on class a, and during that (whiling), I utilize class B or C activity, but if possible class C or D. These activities does submit for qi, eg. they’re qi submissive.  After a certain time, I do new ‘sprint’ in the class A activity to solve the problems I’ve stuck in.

Class B activities (entertainment) might costs qi, so class C or D activities are the most common. Class D activity is the most powerful way to acquire qi but it’s availability varies a lot.

A real life example of this flow is my work at Artistconnector. My main and most important mission is currently a customer who runs a site for culture associations and courses, and my mission is to add features to register for study circles and better image uploading. I’m trying to do what I can, but sometimes I do stall. It might be something that I need to sort out with the customer, or a programming problem, which I can’t get past. At these times, I do a pause by listening to music (M) or C activities, and then resume activity after a certain amount of time, for a new attempt and continues until this happening again and then repeat the cycle. Should it go worse, and there is something that slighly hinder my ability to finish the work for the day such a computer failure, absence of customer or another issue of larger scale, I usually switch to the D activity, and goes for my workout, and then resumes after. On this way, the customer is given a chance to sort the problem out at the same time I reverse the entropy and gets new qi to defy the problem.

I’m trying to have a base working schedule although I’m working at home, but it’s not easy since situation varies so much, and it’s ok for my employer unless I do get finished before my deadlines.


Using virtual machines to get more fine control over development

I recently abandoned my WAMP installation and instead using a more profient solution, where I use a virtual machine with Ubuntu Server 12.04 as development platform, and virtual box shared directories to work on both the machines.  With this solution, I get the best of two worlds, getting the power of linux shells and control over files, but at the same time keeping windows intact. This solution is very safe similar to unix-integration services like AndLinux, cygwin that integrates linux components with windows, which may mess up the windows installation.

There is big two advantages of using virtual machines for development tasks bridged with virtual folders:

  1. Unlike CygWin and other linux windows integrations, you can use any linux tool,, you get a true linux environment
  2. Windows installation gets intact, since linux is running inside a virtual machine.

One disadvantage is that it takes much memory on the hard drive and probably a lot demand on the processor but I chosen a computer just for that reason.

This way allowed me to solve some complex problems, such testing email sending to mailtrap, something which weren’t possible on WAMP, and the web development runs more like how it would in production (linux server).


Hacking and recovering corrupt tastebud drivers

All we know sugar is bad and bitter vegetable is the key to a long and nice life. However, for many who are lived on calory high dietry, may find it’s horrible bad tasting to switch to a healthier diet, where the bitter delicates are those with the best nutrition.

Also, some individuals are also carrying a gene, TAZ, which also make eating bitter stuff almost impossible, since there is a genetical “defence” against poisonous stuff.

But I think we also could see our dietry change as a migration between two software platforms. The tastebud perception is in my experience strongly linked to emotion regarding the situation.

I think I found a way to ‘hack’ the database to accept more ‘bitter’ tastes. I’m trying to do so, in a manner, once there is a situation which I love a lot, with great positive power or success, I’m trying to associate that energy with bitter taste, like hacking the windows registry for changing the start menu icon.

On this way, I’ve been awaked a little craving for sallad after having to bind it to my sensual success of aqua workout and work progress. But it’s still not strong enough to get on the playing field with the strange cravings but it’s under development. But the concept is born, that’s good.

Taste and smells are senses that are mapped to memories. Energy tastes are hardcore mapped to good emtions, since it’s a survival algorithm to ensure energy during shortages of food, something that making problems today. But I’m trying to establish new mappings between other tastes and memories of great situation. For example, my awesome swim at Gran Canaria last year were mapped to sallad by eating sallad just after the session, to create a good feeling.

But then comes accessibility. Still, the bad stuff is still more easily accessible than the good. Great food takes time and energy to prepare, while bad food can be made with a smaller effort or purchased on the side.

But a big step is done as I know how to make an SQL injection to my taste database and trying to alter the relationship between different sense.

A dream about three things I must experience before I die

A dream about my strongers fear and my sweet career dreams

Last night I had a dream of a schoolday at Portalen with an awesome schedule but with a horrific end. First lession were a life saving training in water with winter coat, then lunch at Krikelin Mimmis, and then meet up the Spotify dev to be on a meeting where we was able to attend a secret app development program, from the now defunct Spotify Apps. We together worked on getting up the last app on the App Finder. But as we managed to sort out the agreements, and I was able to publish the app on the app finder, my Radioflow service suddently interrupted the Spotify app with fatal breaking news that North Korea just had deployed nuclear bombs over a japaneze city and we now facing the World War 3. I told myself, if I die now, I would have done what I really wanted, winter coat swim life saving lession, working with the Spotify guys for a half day, and then turn into a global nuclear holocaust, where we had to be tested for cancer tumours every day, and before the Kim Young took us to the heaven and said goodbye to our civilisation, I woked up and realized that I just had experienced three moments of my life I just think I must experience before I die. The third one just doesn’t matter, because the welfere services are cutted down and the civilisation is soon going under fincinacially and environemntally so it doesn’t matter if Kim Yong kills us all in a nice firework, the world will going under soon, but if I just had to do the two first things swiming and being a part of the new music tech industry, I won’t both if Kim nuked us all.

Dream launch of Web SDK

Last night I had a dream where I was on a kickoff camp with the Spotify team, Rorey, Mager and some other from the community together with other from the aspie camp. We had hit and seek, and also some aqua activities. I used my Aqua Jogging belt while swimming in my green cosy fluffy winter coat, and also got some cool reward from the Rorey, a purple color, and he had a silver token indicating he were from the Spotify staff.

We were at Mälaren in Stockholm, and it was awesome! Some time I swam with my winter coat and clothes, and some other without, split into two distinct parallelle worlds. We also exercise some life saving stuff at the little flood Lidan…

. I’m trying to move qi from Spotify but it stills are dedicated to that pool, I’m just as assigned to it. Our world is a distinct composition of several parallelle universes, and dreams are merges of these, combined with sensual energy from the human being.

Introducing the Orquidea music platform

Today I announce a new artifact based on aquatic qi, gathered from the ocean around Gran Canaria, and which might revolutionize how music are shared on the web.

Today I announce another addition to my roaster – Orquidea web music framework. Orquidea is jQuery (also web components) based framework that I started working at my last day at Orquidea, Gran Canaria. It’s a library that should allow people to stitch embed on their web pages with a general query system, and if there is multiple entries embedded, all the content will be stitched together to a whole playlist, regardless of what music service used for playing the songs. Orquidea will lookup a matching music service for any entry, according to a special music URI scheme which Orquidea converts to a query.

Orquidea is still in it’s infancy, and currently only mock resolvers are implemented yet, but the point is that orquidea music tags can be put everywhere on pages with orquidea libraries included.

For the end user, the addition of music to the web pages is extremely simple, he put an tag like this:

<div data-uri=”music://artist/Dr+Sounds/album/Aquasphere/track/Aquasphere” class=”ac-song”></div>



Last year, I and my family flew to Gran Canaria to cure ourselves after a tragic death 2012. It was an awesome visit with much swimming, even with clothes (because I like it), and much Joy.

At the last day before we flew home from Gran Canaria, I was at an internet café on Orquidea, the hotel we were at on Gran Canaria. With all qi I’ve collected from the days on the beach, I got the idea of a cross service, web based playlist mechanism where some simple tags could be stitched up and become a playlist like the one in Spotify. With this solution, any web page could be like a playlist view.

As I were using a public computer, I jumped to jsFiddle and signed up and began to work with my project. When I quit, I though the site had saved my content under my user account, as I tried to get proof of that several times by clicking a button.

Two days later home in sweden, I fired up jsFiddle but unfortunately my code was not saved. It was gone… Disappointed, I put down the project…

Now, 16 months later, I decided to retake the project. I though this would be useful in many other projects I work on, such radio flow, etc. I though it was worth a second attempt. So during this saturday, I’ve reconstructed the code I wrote on Gran Canaria. This time on my local computer and saved on GitHub so this time no lost code.

First I created a version using the new web components technology, with bare hands, no polymer or so, because I love nativity, and so low amount of dependencies as possible is my preference. But as I realize the web components technology won’t be established fairly soon, I created a jQuery compatible version too.

Find it on GitHub



Major refractoring of the node database

During the last day, I’ve performed a large refracting of over a huge amount of nodes in my psychic and spiritual cloud, which have been invalid, corrupted and charged with negative qi. The most of the corruption is caused by a disaster four years ago that has caused a lot of depression in the cloud. The stress of that negative power, has lead to an increased pressure for some major entities to collect new qi, mostly Spotify and Leros. Those qi-pools are very taxing in consumption and massively drains my spiritual qi account, often resulting in over drafting and spot aches as result. My bowel problems is also increasing due to the spiritual pressure are spreading negative energy in my body.

To be able to take responsibility for an own home and evolve to the next step, I need to restore the levels of entropy, corruption and deterioration of my nodes to a low level. The reason for so much corruption and presence of so much redundant data is an incident four year ago, that left obscure results that puts a lot of ambiguous memories. Any unresolved stuff does take my system into chaos, and I need to resolve the nodes by concerning and merging a lot of redundant memories and reduce them.

The level of deterioration in the cognitive functionality does increase during cognitive activities such programming, problem solving.  As deterioration incease, entropy level follows which means that the precision in decisions and profiancy falls, and the levels of ambiguous increase and the resolution decreases. When infusing qi from Leros (eg. Aqua jogging or swimming), levels of entropy falls as I produce kinematic energy which converts into new qi power, but also because it does raise qi from two other senses that are exclusive to Leros.

Thus, a aqua exercise session does restore the level of entropy in the database that holds in balance for about two days before the entropy levels does increase again.

What’ve done is to run a query on the cloud database, and set all ambiguous broken nodes related to the incident to a overridden value from a resolution later, so they are confirmed as solved. With this, I can restore my identity integrity to 100% and thus reduce the pressure of the nodes that causes increased consumption on the cognitive unit of the cloud, which will ease for the upcoming life situation.


Still roaming in Gran Canaria…

When I went to Gran Canaria with my family back in 2013, my soul seems to be stuck there. I never wanted to get back to sweden spiritually, so my inner energy were still remain at Gran Canaria while I got back to Sweden physically.

And quickly after we got home, the weather become more hot, and the winter were very mild.

Entities  and items of various kind can become uniform handles of energy, in my case it was the phone ‘roaming’ exotic feeling. So recently, I just ordered a roaming sim card from Lycaphone, to be able to get to the exotic feeling of the roaming icon on my old Samsung Galaxy, which also poses a  symbol for love handle, an put into my phone, so I can listen to DY9397 on that phone with the roaming symbol like in Gran Canaria.


Ordering international SIM card

Today I placed an order for an international SIM card on LycaMobile, to be able to run my phone in roaming mode if I want. Just not to call with but being able to use it as a secondary MP3 unit during Offline Hours with the exotic feeling…

I hope to have the SIM-card by the next week.

It was free to order the SIM card. Another reason is that will be able to test roaming on real devices when developing android apps in a later stage.


The human Android project

I’m considering my next software project:

Creating an instance of the Google’s Android operating system that resembles the human psychic.

All the drifts are resembles as individual apps, that are working together.